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Welcome to Rockland Veterinary!

A network of animal hospitals serving Rockland County.

Veterinary Services for North Rockland, Hudson Valley and Pomona

If you love your pet and you live in Rockland County, you'll be glad you discovered Rockland Veterinary. Our animal hospital network has locations in North Rockland (Stony Point), Pomona, and Valley Cottage in the Hudson Valley. These three facilities work together to make a high standard of veterinary care more accessible to area pets -- including extended hours, state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment methods, and flexible appointment scheduling. Wherever you and your pet may be in Rockland County, we're ready to serve you as your animal hospital of choice.

Rockland Veterinary was born when three separate veterinary clinics -- Pomona, North Rockland, and Hudson Valley Animal Hospitals -- merged in 2007. This merger allowed all three facilities to draw on each other's considerable resources and strengths, creating a tightly-knit pet care network for the county. Most of the veterinary services our network offers are offered at all three clinics. For example, you can have your pet spayed or neutered at any of our facilities. This form of sterilization offers significant health and wellness benefits above and beyond birth control, including freedom from the risk of reproductive cancers. Your pet can also receive regular dental evaluations, cleanings and, if necessary, treatment at any of our facilities. Dental care ensures that your pet's teeth and gums remain strong and free of dangerous bacteria that can cause disease, so we regard it as another essential wellness procedure. Each of our clinics also offers a well-stocked pet pharmacy, enabling you to get the medications, special diet foods and other items your pet needs without making an extra trip. (In fact, you can even order these products online through the different facilities' pharmacy pages.)

For some of the services provided at Rockland Veterinary, we will direct you to a specific office. Microchipping, for instance, is performed at our Stony Point location. This simple procedure, in which a tiny microchip is injected just under the animal's skin, makes it possible for animal shelters to reunite lost or stolen pets with their owners. By scanning the microchip area with a special instrument, shelter workers can get the ID number of the pet and then use that number to have the owner located through a national registry. Exotic pet care takes place at our office in Pomona, where we are fully equipped to perform everything from routine wellness checks to laser surgery and medical boarding. If you own a snake, ferret, turtle, bird, or any other kind of exotic pet, you'll find this clinic and its experienced personnel an invaluable aid in maintaining the animal's health.

Choose Your Animal Hospital

All of the facilities in the Rockland Veterinary Network strive to provide the most knowledgeable and compassionate animal care you'll find anywhere -- no matter which of our offices you find most convenient to visit. We encourage you to schedule an initial consultation so you can get to know our dedicated team.

Call today at 888-309-2570 for an appointment. We look forward to your next visit.